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MSC Cruise Deals 2023-2024

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The Best MSC Cruise Deals

If you’re someone who wants to see the world and enjoy the most thrilling adventures without compromising on comfort and luxury, a cruise could be the best way to travel on your next vacation.

At Travel2Holidays, we are experts in finding the best MSC cruise deals, so you only have to worry about choosing the destination that appeals to you the most.

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The Cruise Ships of MSC

MSC is a cruise line that boasts a fleet of over 20 different ships and offers over 1000 cruises throughout the year. It is, therefore, one of the most renowned companies for this type of sea travel.

It is a Swiss-Italian cruise line founded in 1987 by Italian entrepreneur Gianluigi Aponte and has since become a benchmark for modern-day cruises.

MSC not only offers cruises throughout Europe but also has voyages to destinations all over the world. Their ships are elegant and innovative and guarantee a great experience in entertainment and gastronomy during your time on board.

The main objective of this cruise line is to ensure that its passengers can fully enjoy their holiday while also respecting the environment, striving to leave the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Here are some of the MSC cruise ships you will find in their fleet, each providing an unforgettable experience.

MSC Armonía

Boarding an MSC Armonia cruise ship is like embarking on a great adventure. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be amazed by all the facilities and services it offers. Additionally, this ship offers cruises to the Caribbean, which includes a stop at the company’s private island in the Bahamas.

This innovative cruise ship features more balcony cabins, larger restaurants, a 300m² dance floor, children’s play areas, a water park, a spa, a theatre, and more. As you can see, on MSC Armonia, you will have everything you need and luxury at your fingertips. This is undoubtedly one of the best MSC cruise deals that we offer on our website. Don’t miss out!

MSC Grandiosa

The main feature of the MSC Grandiosa is that they have given utmost attention to the common areas, creating large open spaces where passengers can truly relax and enjoy their holiday on board.

Your cabin, at the end of the day, is where you spend the least amount of time. That is why they have chosen to invest in areas that you can make the most of and indulge in all kinds of luxuries. It boasts an innovative design, spectacular facilities, and a wide range of entertainment options.

Furthermore, it is the largest ship in the entire fleet, which is why MSC Grandiosa cruises have become highly recognized among passengers.

MSC World Europa

Getting on board the MSC World Europa is like taking a journey into the future. It is the newest ship in the entire fleet of this cruise line and includes some of the most innovative luxuries not available on other types of ships.

It is a ship that runs on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), one of the cleanest fuels on the planet, and utilises innovative technologies to care for the environment. This is the first example of a new era of cruises that will offer passengers the opportunity to travel with all the luxuries at their disposal while leaving no footprint on the planet.

MSC Bellissima

MSC Bellissima speaks of beauty and comfort. This ship is a true work of art, designed to amaze you with every detail while you’re on board your cruise. Its main promenade offers luxurious boutiques where you can indulge in exclusive shopping or relax in its quieter lounges.

Furthermore, this ship offers innovative technology that allows you to stay connected with fellow travellers in your group through your smartphone or contact the service team whenever you need assistance. When you arrive at your cabin, simply call Zoe, an installed speaker that will play the music you desire at any moment.

sun deck on a cruise ship

The Cruise Ships of MSC

MSC Divina

MSC Divina embodies all the elegance and glamour of the golden age of cruises, but with all the modern conveniences for you to enjoy in the 21st century. This ship also has a serious commitment to the environment and is now the most eco-friendly version of the cruise line.

On board MSC Divina, you’ll have access to all kinds of amenities, sports facilities, leisure activities, top-class entertainment shows, and clubs for children and teenagers. This cruise also offers a route through the Americas, including a stop at the company’s exclusive island in the Bahamas.

MSC Euribia

Named after a Greek goddess, MSC Euribia sails the seas with the utmost safety and offers all the comforts to its passengers. This ship is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the most sustainable and eco-friendly techniques are used in every process carried out on the cruise.

On this ship, the common thread connecting everything is art, which you can even see before boarding on its decorated deck. Once on board, you’ll find a large number of original artworks that will make you feel like you’re staying in a museum.

MSC Fantasia

The MSC Fantasia is a ship that emulates the warmth of bygone times, with large rooms adorned with carpeting and golden hues. At the same time, this vessel features the most innovative technology to make each journey aboard this ship as eco-friendly as possible.

Upon entering, we recommend visiting the authentic stone piazza, which houses an Italian café and ice cream parlour, allowing you to relax while admiring one of the ship’s most magnificent features.

MSC Lírica

The MSC Lírica is designed to offer the utmost luxury, comfort, and convenience to each guest who chooses to spend their holiday aboard this cruise ship. Its main lobby offers views of the sea, allowing the gaze to get lost in its vastness.

In the Broadway-style theatre, you can enjoy modern reinterpretations of theatre classics, before relaxing in your new, spacious balcony cabins.

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France, Spain, Moroco

7 night cruise: Genoa, Provence, Barcelona, Tangier, Casablanca, Ceuta, Málaga

Italy, Spain

7 night cruise: Provence, Genoa, La Spezia, Naples/Capri, Palmade Mallorca, Barcelona

USA, Bahamas

7 night cruise: Statue of Liberty, Cape canaveral, Ocean Cay, Nassau

What is included in MSC’s all-inclusive package?

Travelling with a fixed budget and knowing that you won’t go over is every traveller’s dream. From the moment you leave home, know that you won’t have to skimp on any luxuries because everything you could want on board is included in your package. 

An all-inclusive cruise package, like the one offered by MSC Cruises, means that you don’t have to worry about paying for anything once you board the ship because accommodation, gastronomy, entertainment, sports, and onboard services are all included:

  • Accommodation: You can choose accommodation based on the number of people and the type of accommodation you wish to book: interior cabin, cabin with sea view, cabin with balcony, or luxury suite.
  • Gastronomy: Full board is included, meaning breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as all the snacks you want to consume during the day.
  • Onboard services: Their staff will help you resolve any issues you may have and provide recommendations for the best visits at your next cruise stop. Additionally, you’ll have access to cabin cleaning, room service, lifeguards, etc.
  • Entertainment: There will be a full program on board so that you never get bored while travelling to your next destination. You can enjoy shows, theatre performances, live music, casinos, and more.
  • Sports: Each MSC cruise ship has gyms with personal trainers, swimming pools, volleyball courts, basketball courts, mini-golf, etc.
  • For the little ones: There are dedicated indoor and outdoor areas for their entertainment, and there are children’s activities throughout the cruise.

Furthermore, there is the option to upgrade your all-inclusive package to make use of additional onboard services and have a fully personalised experience.

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The best destinations for MSC cruises

The main destinations of MSC cruises are located in the Mediterranean Sea, although as we have already mentioned, this cruise line offers travel services worldwide, so you can surely find the destination you are most eager to discover.

MSC cruises offer the following destinations:

      • Mediterranean
      • Northern Europe
      • Caribbean and Antilles
      • Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar
      • South America
      • South Africa
      • Asia
      • Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea
      • United States and Canada
      • Around the world cruises

As mentioned earlier, MSC Mediterranean cruises are the most popular among passengers. That’s because this sea offers warm waters throughout the year and moderate temperatures that will allow you to enjoy your holiday without having to worry about the weather.

They say that taking a cruise in the Mediterranean is like being in an open-air museum as it brings you closer to the culture, monuments, and traditions of a region with such a rich history, and allows you to see how its people live.

You can discover places with ancient traditions with MSC cruises to the Greek Islands or to Italy. Additionally, you will stop at some of the most important ports in the area, such as Bari, Venice, Genoa, and Naples. You will also have the opportunity to explore picturesque small towns that preserve the essence of the Mediterranean atmosphere, like Cannes.

Furthermore, you can immerse yourself in the energy and vibrancy of some of the most significant cities in Spain, such as Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia, or Ibiza. Some of the ships that cover the Mediterranean route even venture to the coasts of Morocco, Lisbon, or the Canary Islands.

Undoubtedly, Mediterranean cruises are one of the best options if you want to relax during your holidays while immersing yourself in one of the oldest cultures in Europe. Discover cities full of art, archaeological sites dating back thousands of years, and beautiful coastal regions of this sea.

Where do MSC cruises depart from?

Depending on the cruise you want to take and the destinations you want to visit, your cruise will depart from a different port.

If you’re thinking of taking a cruise through the Norwegian fjords, it’s unlikely that your cruise will depart from Spain as it would involve many days of travel. Instead, you may have to travel to a closer location such as Germany or Denmark.

MSC cruises depart from over 50 different ports located all over the world, but the main ones are:

      • Port of Barcelona
      • Port of Genoa
      • Port of Marseille
      • Port of Rome
      • Port of Cannes
      • Port of Messina
      • Port of Hamburg
      • Port of London
      • Port of Naples
      • Port of Palma de Mallorca

If you’re looking for a cruise in the Mediterranean, MSC cruises from Barcelona and MSC cruises from Valencia are among the most popular choices for travellers.

These are large ports with ample capacity for ships of this size, and they are located at one end of the Mediterranean, making them the ideal starting point for a journey through its waters.

Now you know that you can find the best MSC cruise deals at Travel2Holidays, and this cruise line offers its services worldwide. Choose the itinerary that catches your attention, book everything from home, and enjoy your cruise without having to worry about anything.


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