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Regardless of why you’re travelling, selecting the perfect hotel for your holiday to Asia is essential. Whether you prefer city centre hotels, all-inclusive resorts, accommodations near the airport, family-friendly options, or budget-friendly choices, we have a diverse array of offerings to meet your needs.

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Have you ever pictured yourself exploring the streets of Japan, enjoying a romantic escape in Thailand, or getting immersed in the wonders of Vietnam? Your dream is now within reach – simply pick a destination, and we’ll offer you the best price for your hotel!

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At Travel2Holidays, you can count on us to provide deals on the best destinations in the world to travel. Explore our platform to discover incredible hotel deals in Asia at the best prices, allowing you to break free from routine whenever you desire.

Thanks to our user-friendly search engine, locating hotels in Asia is a breeze. Simply choose your preferred area, enter your travel dates, and utilise filters to tailor your hotel selection to your specific needs and budget.

We advise securing your reservation promptly to ensure you don’t miss out on the top hotel deals in Thailand, Tokyo, or the United Arab Emirates. Stay tuned for updates on the optimal travel times and the most favourable prices. 

Osaka, Japan at Osaka Castle's main keep during an autumn morning.

The best hotel deals in Southeast Asia

If you’re eager to travel and explore Southeast Asia, we offer you the essential information to unlock the wonders of multiple countries and immerse yourself in their diverse cultures. These journeys necessitate meticulous planning, ensuring well-defined routes and ample time to discover the richness of each destination.

Nevertheless, at Travel2Holidays, we recognize the significance of securing top-notch accommodation for a worry-free experience. Ensuring a safe and comfortable hotel equipped with essential amenities is paramount. While you may question the ease of finding appealing and budget-friendly hotels, our booking portal stands out as one of the finest, providing a user-friendly, convenient, and swift navigation experience.

Visit Thailand

Bangkok will most likely be the place you’ll land when journeying to Thailand. Exploring this city, rich in contrasts, is highly recommended, as it boasts a vibrant mix of nightclubs, temples, skyscrapers, street food stalls, and bustling markets.

The initial hustle and bustle might seem overwhelming, given the city’s perpetual vibrancy, but acclimating to it becomes natural. To unveil the treasures of this dynamic city, pre-selecting one of the hotel deals in Bangkok is advisable to ensure a comfortable and quality stay.

Opt for a hotel with excellent transportation links and consider upscale accommodations, preferably four or five-star establishments. Many of these towering structures boast an array of amenities, including infinity pools that provide an extraordinary touch with Bangkok as a stunning backdrop.

Bangkok is home to enchanting and culturally significant sites such as the Grand Palace on Rattanakosin Island. In close proximity, you’ll find other captivating locations, including Buddhist temples, which you can readily explore during your stay.

Portrait of Elephant and mahout in the forest against sunrise.

When it comes to the city centre, it plays a pivotal role in unravelling the historical legacy, coupled with an extensive array of entertainment choices in this vibrant urban landscape. Explore Chinatown, relish the Flower Market, or immerse yourself in Amphawa’s floating market, and explore its nightlife scene. All of this comes with the assurance of economical lodging that promises both security and comfort. Additionally, the noteworthy aspect of the hotels we present lies in their affordable rates, enabling you to enjoy spacious and charming rooms without straining your budget.

Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations, offering an idyllic setting enriched with spiritual depth and extraordinarily beautiful landscapes. This Asian country has everything you could desire, providing unique experiences that linger in memory. As mentioned previously, while Bangkok is a must-visit destination for tourists, there is so much more to explore. Visitors particularly relish the dreamy beaches with crystal-clear waters, coupled with enticing resort deals in Thailand, promising days of luxurious indulgence.

These accommodations often boast a range of amenities, including exclusive spa centres, spacious gyms, expansive seafront pools, complimentary water sports, and picturesque private pools, among other services. Additionally, they typically offer outstanding gastronomic options, featuring a diverse menu that includes Thai, Indian, and international dishes. Don’t hesitate to explore one of these luxurious resorts, where each day surpasses the expectations of their guests.

Discover Vietnam

Group of Vietnamese female craftsman making the traditional vietnam hat in the old traditional house in Ap Thoi Phuoc village, Hochiminh city, Vietnam, traditional artist concept

Vietnam is another popular destination known for its captivating villages, expansive rice fields, towering mountains, and stunning coastlines. Furthermore, the country has a well-established transportation infrastructure that facilitates travel between locations through trains, flights, and buses. Vietnam is renowned for its affordable and delectable street food, and the majority of Vietnamese locals are known for their warmth and friendliness.

If you’re drawn to Vietnam for its exotic culture, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking beaches, explore our hotel deals in Vietnam for an irresistible opportunity to discover this splendid Southeast Asian country. On our platform, discover tranquil retreats that cater to a variety of interests, whether you’re a gastronomy enthusiast or a sports aficionado.

Indulge in authentic Vietnamese cuisine without stepping out of your accommodation, savouring fresh local produce. Revel in the opulence of beachfront villa resorts or leverage their prime locations to explore the region teeming with historical treasures, many of which are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

If you have any uncertainties, count on our assistance in booking hotels in the cities you wish to visit. Our professional team is dedicated to providing all the support you need to turn your dream into reality and relish unforgettable experiences.

Indeed, there is so much more to discover in Seville. A must-visit is the iconic Plaza de España, constructed in 1929 as a symbol of the Ibero-American Exposition. Its semicircular design symbolizes the embrace between Spain and its former colonies, facing toward the Guadalquivir River, from where the maritime journey to America commenced. Moreover, aficionados of the Star Wars saga will recognize this location as one of the settings where Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002) was filmed.

Another tranquil haven to escape stress is the enchanting Maria Luisa Park. It holds the distinction of being the city’s inaugural urban park and stands as one of its most vital green spaces. Unveiled on April 18, 1914, originally named Infanta Maria Luisa Fernanda Urban Park, it earned recognition as a Cultural Heritage Site in 1983.

Make sure to explore the Santa Cruz neighborhood, a truly authentic enclave in Seville and one of the city’s oldest districts, once inhabited by the Jewish community until the close of the Middle Ages. Within this neighborhood, you’ll encounter the narrowest street in Seville: the ‘Street of Kisses,’ officially known as Reinoso Street.

As you explore Seville, be sure to pause and admire the Isabel II Bridge, linking the city center to the Triana neighborhood, a prominent destination in the Andalusian capital. This architectural marvel was designated a National Historic Monument in 1976. Additionally, pay a visit to the Triana market, located in Abastos Square atop the remains of San Jorge castle. This attraction has successfully maintained its traditional ambiance, offering a perfect spot to grab a snack during your tour of Seville.

We highly recommend immersing yourself in the bohemian atmosphere of Alameda de Hércules, a historic public garden renowned as Europe’s oldest park, with roots tracing back to 1574. This location features a bustling pedestrian street lined with tapas bars, restaurants, and a multitude of pubs offering a range of music from jazz to Andalusian rock. The area is also known for its vibrant student community. In the nearby San Vicente neighborhood, the Santa Clara Space hosts art exhibitions and captivating flamenco performances within the confines of an ancient monastery.

Speaking of religious structures, a visit to the Monastery of Santa Maria de las Cuevas, commonly referred to as the Cartuja Monastery, on Cartuja Island, is a must. This monastery is one of the four Carthusian monasteries in Andalusia and showcases a blend of architectural styles including Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance, and Baroque. Since 1997, it has served as the headquarters for the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art and the rectorate of the International University of Andalusia.

By the way, if you’re a wine enthusiast, consider taking a day trip from Seville to Jerez. These trips typically offer a vineyard tour, a wine-tasting experience, and a visit to the city of Cadiz — a highly recommended destination for a vacation on the Costa de la Luz, along with Jerez.

Enjoy hotels in the United Arab Emirates at the best price

Dubai stands out as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the United Arab Emirates, boasting architectural marvels that will truly astonish you. Your visit will include encounters with extraordinary skyscrapers, the world’s largest shopping centre, and the artificial Palm Islands archipelago.

Dubai emerges as a futuristic oasis amidst the desert, featuring an exceptional marina adorned with modern yachts and a sprawling 12-hectare artificial beach. For moments of relaxation, options abound—from desert excursions to exploring vibrant local souks, indulging in magnificent local cuisine, to unwinding on the pristine sandy beaches during the evenings.

Additionally, we recommend enjoying the awe-inspiring panoramic vistas of the city from the Burj Khalifa observatory, an experience that promises much. In fact, you can soon book a hot air balloon flight or engage in snow skiing activities.

Moreover, the ease of accessibility combined with Travel2Holidays’ outstanding hotel deals in the United Arab Emirates ensures a seamless journey. Seize the opportunity to indulge in our luxurious accommodations, featuring intimate resorts and beachfront rooms, for truly unique and surprising experiences.

The wealth derived from oil revenues facilitated substantial investments in infrastructure, giving rise to a modern and captivating aesthetic. To ensure you don’t miss out on this remarkable experience, our website offers special promotions, enabling you to travel to the United Arab Emirates by booking your holiday at the best price.

Dubai stands out as the most renowned emirate, celebrated for its dazzling shopping centres and opulent skyscrapers. Beyond that, you can venture into the desert dunes and explore the old town, immersing yourself in the intriguing contrast with the contemporary surroundings. Make the most of the hotel deals in the United Arab Emirates that we provide for an enriched exploration of this captivating destination.

Abu Dhabi stands in competition with Dubai, boasting luxury and fame. While it’s recognized as a relatively expensive city, you can explore many of its attractions for free. Enjoy leisurely strolls on its picturesque beaches and plan your ideal vacation with our assistance.

Taking in the vast desert landscapes alongside the world’s most modern structures is an experience like no other. Yet, there’s also the option to delve into Al-Ain, a quaint city celebrated for its natural surroundings and abundant palm trees. Additionally, explore Sharjah, a more conservative city compared to Dubai, renowned for its meticulously restored historical district and an array of museums.

If you’re due for a luxurious getaway, your destination awaits in the United Arab Emirates. At Travel2Holidays, we’ll assist you in finding the finest accommodation, ensuring you relish every moment of your journey.

Upon arrival, don’t forget to explore the vibrant Arabian markets, experience a camel ride, and seize the opportunity to witness extraordinary events such as a mesmerising belly dance performance while savouring local cuisine on a traditional boat. Avail yourself of our exclusive offers and discounts, ensuring you don’t miss the opportunity to explore these stunning and remarkable cities.

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Discover Japan in the best hotels in Tokyo

Often, accommodation is as important as the destination itself, and the hotel deals in Tokyo that we offer are sure to impress with their affordable prices and inclusive amenities.

Indulge in accommodations that will make you feel like royalty, with access to gourmet restaurants, beds offering unparalleled comfort, and exclusive spa centres.

Japan offers a high quality of life, with cutting-edge technology and the latest electronic devices. Additionally, it offers unparalleled hospitality to visitors, allowing them to immerse themselves in the country’s rich culture and history.

Tokyo is one of the most interesting cities globally, with a population exceeding 40 million and a millennia-old culture that appeals to every type of traveller. However, exploring the capital of Japan can be daunting without thorough planning. Numerous factors require consideration, but once you have everything in order, navigating Tokyo becomes surprisingly straightforward.

Tokyo hotels provide state-of-the-art facilities for sports enthusiasts, seamless internet connectivity, and optimal locations, ensuring a hassle-free experience as you explore the city.

When planning such a significant trip, securing appropriate accommodation to meet your basic needs is essential. Luckily, our website offers the best deals, allowing you to plan your stay in advance and make informed decisions.


Many of these hotels will truly captivate you, with some crafted meticulously into incredible skyscrapers, boasting impressive rooms and state-of-the-art fitness centres.

Selecting the right accommodation is essential when visiting Tokyo. Given the vastness of the city and the diverse hotel options available, we recommend securing your stay as early as possible for a stress-free travel experience.

Tokyo is known for being a pricey city, so it’s advisable to book accommodation through the Travel2Holidays website well in advance to make sure you get the best deals. Remember, you can refine your search based on location, price, services, and various other filters.

If you’re not sure which hotel is best for you, read the recommendations from other tourists to make an informed decision. These accommodations are not just places to rest; some boast multiple restaurants, bars, gyms, luxurious spas, saunas, and pools, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating stay after a day of exploration.

Opt for accommodations in central Tokyo for convenient access to entertainment hubs, restaurants, and other recreational spots. This ensures that after a bustling day in the city, tranquillity, and peace are easily within reach.

Our featured hotels cater to both tourists and executives. You have the option to select from extraordinary rooms situated high in a building for breathtaking views or choose simple yet functional accommodations. Some even offer unique amenities, including hygiene products crafted with oriental vegetables. Completing your reservation is a quick two-minute process, but we recommend reviewing the cancellation and reservation modification conditions here. We prioritise transparency and aim for your complete satisfaction with our services.


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