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Best Royal Caribbean cruise deals 2022-2023

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Caribbean Cruises: Bahamas and Mexico

Caribbean Cruises: Mexico, Honduras and Belize

Caribbean Cruises: Bahamas

Caribbean Cruises: Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis

Caribbean Cruises:USA, Belize, Mexico and Cayman Islands

Caribbean Cruises: Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Mexico

Caribbean Cruises: Bahamas, Virgin Islands and Caribbean Netherlands

Caribbean Cruises: Jamaica, Turks & Caicos Islands and Dominican Republic

The best Royal Caribbean cruises

Cruises are increasingly becoming the top way to travel and discover new and exciting destinations without any worries. These large ships let you move around, stay, eat, and enjoy yourself all in one place, and you don’t need to pay extra for any of the services.

Royal Caribbean is one of the most recognized companies in the cruise industry, and at Travel2Holidays, we’re here to introduce you to their finest ships and itineraries. This way, you can begin planning your next vacation by setting sail on the open seas.

If you want to know what the best Royal Caribbean cruises are, keep reading!

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Royal Caribbean Cruises

Why choose Royal Caribbean Cruises

When you step onto a Royal Caribbean ship, you’ll feel overwhelmed by its grandeur. These are massive structures that will make you feel like you’re spending your vacation in a resort rather than in the middle of the sea. What’s more, they feature inventive concepts like a central street that stretches from one end of the ship to the other.

Their modern ships are filled with activities, so entertainment is always a guarantee. These expansive vessels go beyond your imagination to provide enjoyment! 

Their ships are the largest, most innovative, and most modern in the world

When you step onto a Royal Caribbean ship, you’ll feel overwhelmed by its grandeur. These are massive structures that will make you feel like you’re spending your vacation in a resort rather than in the middle of the sea. What’s more, they feature inventive concepts like a central street that stretches from one end of the ship to the other.

Their modern ships are filled with activities, so entertainment is always a guarantee. These expansive vessels go beyond your imagination to provide enjoyment! 

Every imaginable activity, and more!

Royal Caribbean has established itself as a leader in the cruise industry, and one of its standout features has consistently been its range of activities. What sort of activities can you imagine? They won’t hold a candle to the extensive array provided by this cruise line. This includes experiences such as skydiving simulators, virtual reality setups, canopy tours, surf simulators, aerial acrobatics, bumper cars, and more.

There’s more than you can possibly do in your time on the cruise!

The best shows on the open sea

It seems unreal to have shows out in the middle of the ocean, but what’s more, is that they aren’t just ordinary performances—they’re among the finest international shows. From ice skating spectacles to aquatic theatre performances, where skilled divers leap from 18-story heights into a pool filled with the magic of jugglers and synchronized swimmers. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy some of the top Broadway productions, brought to life onboard the ship, like Mamma Mia, Grease, Cats, and many others.

They have more than 270 ports around the world

Royal Caribbean provides cruise routes that cater to diverse tastes, age groups, and preferences. Whether it’s idyllic Caribbean getaways, well-established European ports, or even voyages to Asia and Alaska—in short, you can embark on a global exploration aboard their ships.

Certain exceptional itineraries include visits to their private islands, offering a complete escape from the hustle and bustle. Here, you can immerse yourself in the purest form of nature, away from noise and crowds.

You'll receive excellent service

Whether you’re on a Caribbean, European, or Mediterranean cruise, you can expect excellent service from the entire crew at all times. The staff is dedicated to ensuring their guests have the best vacation experience, making it a commitment that they uphold consistently.

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Baltimore, Nassau, Princess Cays, Freeport, Baltimore

Mexico and Honduras

Port Canaveral, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Roatan, Port Canaveral

Turks & Caicos Islands, Dominican Republic and Bahamas

Miami, Grand Turk, Amber Cove, Nassau, Miami

Royal Caribbean Ships

During your Royal Caribbean cruise, you won’t only enjoy the destinations and the company, but you’ll also maximize every moment on your luxurious ship. The world’s finest ships are a part of this fleet, brimming from front to back with groundbreaking activities, top-notch entertainment, high-quality dining experiences, and inspiring adventures.

No matter which ship you choose to travel on, each of them offers a special charm that will allow you to enjoy the best vacation of your life.

Symphony of the Seas

Symphony of the Seas is one of the best ships available in the Royal Caribbean fleet, repeatedly awarded for its luxury and quality. On its deck, you’ll find activities like skydiving and surf simulators. But the fun doesn’t end there – its restaurants will be a delightful treat for your palate.

Relax in one of its luxury cabins, which offer a soothing escape from the constant action these ships are famous for – the perfect place to recharge between adventures.

Mariner of the Seas

Leap into the virtual world with a new trampoline experience called Sky Pad, surf on the new simulator, or glide down the water slides on Mariner of the Seas. This ship is one of the most famous in the Royal Caribbean fleet and stands out for its excellent crew service.

The cabins aim to redefine the cruise experience. With the best views of the open sea, the cabins on this ship are incomparable.

Navigator of the Seas

On the Navigator of the Seas, you can break your own records – for example, by sliding down the longest waterslide at sea. Furthermore, its restaurants offer a diverse menu, ensuring you can always find something that tempts your taste buds, using the finest ingredients cooked with utmost care and detail.

On this ship, you’ll find cabins for every preference. Traveling as a couple? Enjoy a spa-like atmosphere in your cabin, perfect for couples. Traveling with a baby? Let them know, and they’ll provide a crib and supplies. Additionally, all cabins are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas stands as one of the world’s largest ships, brimming with some of the most daring maritime adventures. Aboard this vessel, you can partake in experiences like the tallest slide at sea, bold acrobatics in the AquaTheater, the robot-run Bionic Bar, spectacular Broadway shows, and much more.

Whether you’re traveling with children, as a couple, or with friends, on this Royal Caribbean ship, you’ll find the most spacious and well-equipped cruise cabins designed to meet all your vacation needs.

Allure of the Seas

Do you possess the courage to attempt a zip line that stretches nearly the entire ship’s length? There are also milder activities tailored for the youngest travelers on Allure of the Seas, like the water park. On this ship, it’s not just about the destinations—the crew tirelessly endeavors to guarantee a superb experience throughout your time aboard.

It has won some of the most prestigious awards in the cruise world, including Best Cruise, Best Entertainment, and Best Individual Cruise.

Royal Caribbean's best destinations

However, a cruise voyage is more than just staying aboard the ship and indulging in high-sea escapades—it’s also about uncovering some of the world’s most concealed and idyllic destinations. During a typical journey, you might encounter one or two destinations, but with these cruises, each day presents a new spot on the globe, awaiting your exploration.

Below are some of the finest destinations featuring Royal Caribbean cruise itineraries. Prepare to witness the world from a fresh angle and surpass your anticipations with destinations like these.

Caribbean and Bahamas

Imagine stepping off the ship and seeing nothing but the crystal-clear blue waters of the Caribbean’s white sandy beaches.

Thanks to the guided excursions offered by the ship, you can explore ancient ruins, and colonial towns, walk through tropical forests, and discover hidden waterfalls. Additionally, one of the stops on the Bahamas itinerary is their private island, CocoCay.

      • Bahamas
      • CocoCay
      • Bermuda
      • Jamaica
      • Puerto Rico
      • Belize
      • Cozumel and Cancun
      • Mexico
      • Eastern Caribbean
      • Western Caribbean
      • Southern Caribbean
      • Cities and Ancient Ruins in the Caribbean
      • Forests and Parks of the Caribbean
      • Caribbean Beaches
      • Encounters with Caribbean Wildlife


Another one of the best Royal Caribbean cruises includes voyages through the European corners. Discover Europe’s endless activity, from Lithuania’s energetic beaches to the gleaming ports of Spain’s Costa del Sol.

See how history comes to life before your eyes with stories told by the ruins of Rome, the Viking legacy on Norway’s western coast, or Celtic folklore in Ireland and Scotland. Have you ever considered visiting Venice with Royal Caribbean?:

      • The Mediterranean
      • Greece and the Greek Islands
      • Italy
      • Croatia
      • Spain, Portugal, and the Canary Islands
      • France
      • The Baltic Sea and Scandinavia
      • Norway
      • British Isles
      • Iceland
      • Ireland


Alaska is known for its rugged hills, raging waters, and free-roaming wildlife. These characteristics make it both vast and wild.

Thanks to Royal Caribbean cruises in Alaska, you can spot whales in the Pacific Ocean, marvel at towering ice formations like the Hubbard Glacier, or take a train journey into the final frontier on the Coastal Classic Railroad from Anchorage.

      • Complete Alaska
      • Alaska Glaciers
      • Whale Watching and Wildlife in Alaska
      • Alaska National Parks

North America

North America’s West Coast offers attractions and delights that captivate every visitor: from the star-studded culture of California to the mountains of Alaska and Canada, from Hawaii’s turquoise coastal waters to the surf and beer culture of San Diego:

      • Canada
      • New England
      • West Coast
      • Hawaii


For an unforgettable experience, don’t miss another one of Royal Caribbean’s best cruises. Asia is a continent brimming with natural beauty and cultural richness. From its bustling cities to its hidden valleys, you can engage in a variety of activities that allow you to disconnect completely on your vacation.

Learn to scuba dive, try rock climbing on Thailand’s top-notch beaches like Phra Nang, or bask in the sun on the remote island of Langkawi in Malaysia. Gaze upon the Great Wall of China nestled into the stunning mountains or climb Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji:

      • Thailand
      • China
      • Japan
      • Singapore

South Pacific

The South Pacific is the ideal choice for those who want to experience island life during their vacation and enjoy the wonders hidden beneath the sea.

Swim with sea turtles, play with dolphins, and dive alongside tropical fish. Let your inner explorer roam free and learn from these new cultures, getting to know the distinctive wildlife that has made this island unique in the world:

      • Australia
      • New Zealand
      • Vanuatu
      • Fiji

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Cruises Around the World

Transatlantic and transpacific cruises offer many days of relaxation on the ship while traveling across the high seas to a new destination. Port stops allow you to explore the local culture and natural adventures of each place.

Transatlantic cruises combine island and city stops, taking you from the beaches of the Bahamas to the museums and cathedrals of European capitals:

      • South America
      • Persian Gulf
      • Panama Canal

Now you know about the best Royal Caribbean cruises, one of the most recognized cruise lines of the moment, offering itineraries full of adventures, fun, and unimaginable destinations. Take a look at our Travel2Holidays website where we’ll show you all the available cruise options that fit your vacation dates, always at the best price.


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