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Reserve a hotel in the heart of Paris or with a view of the Eiffel Tower, steps away from the Louvre Museum or Notre Dame. You can also choose accommodation in the Montparnasse district to follow the footsteps of the roaring 20s or in the Montmartre neighborhood, the painters’ quartertwo of the most intriguing areas of the city.

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How to get to Paris

To get to Paris, just use the search bar on our website, and the results will show you all available flight options, along with the main airports and their cheapest flights. Paris has three main airports: Charles de Gaulle, the primary airport, located in Roissy, about 25 km from Paris. The second busiest is Paris-Orly, smaller than Charles de Gaulle and about 15 km from the city. The third airport is Beauvais (BVA), a single-runway airport located about 85 km from the city center, mainly used by Ryanair. Charles de Gaulle is well-connected to the city; you can take the RER, which runs every 15 minutes and takes about 40 minutes. The cost is €11 per trip. You also have various bus companies with frequent services and direct routes to central Paris, with prices ranging from €12 to €18 per person. Taxis cost around €50-60, as do VTCs (private car hire services). You can also choose from our shared and private transfers, with prices ranging from €25 to €70. This is our most recommended option, as it takes you directly to your accommodation, saving you time upon arrival. From Paris Orly, the RER runs every 7 minutes with an average price of €13 per ticket. There are direct buses every 20 minutes with prices from €12. Taxis cost around €35-40, as do VTCs, and shared and private transfers can be booked on our site, with prices starting at €18 per person. If you’ve chosen to fly with Ryanair and you’re landing at Beauvais, you’ll need to take the bus; the journey takes a minimum of 1 hour and 15 minutes, and you can buy tickets at the counter from €17 per person or online. The train isn’t recommended as it can be complicated and time-consuming. You can combine your multi-destination reservation in Paris with well-connected cities, such as Brussels, Frankfurt, London, and Strasbourg, which offer convenient and affordable options. Gare de Lyon station in Paris is the main departure and arrival point.

Best time to travel to Paris

The low season in Paris, and therefore the most economical, is from November 1st to March 31st, excluding the Christmas period. The high season is from April 1st to October 31st.

We believe the best time to visit Paris is from June to September, as summer is undoubtedly the best way to experience this magnificent city. Be prepared for the heatbring comfortable and lightweight clothing, as temperatures can be high.

The majority of tourists choose to travel between April and July, and September and October, so if your travel preferences fall within these months, you’ll coincide with a larger number of tourists at the main attractions. You may need to book a couple of months in advance, at least, for your Paris vacation to secure better prices during peak season.

A tip for your Paris reservation: Choose the non-refundable rate for your favorite hotel on our website for the best prices. Keep in mind, though, that you won’t be able to cancel or modify your reservation, as the hotel won’t offer any refunds – but you’ll have secured the lowest price.

What to see in Paris?

Visiting Paris for the first time? Well, you can’t miss these top 12 landmarks:

To start your visit, enjoy a panoramic view of the city. We recommend beginning at the top of the Eiffel Tower, which is over 300 meters high. You can’t help but admire the impressive gargoyles of Notre Dame Cathedral. Climb to the highest hill in Paris and discover the Sacré-Cœur Basilica (Sacred Heart). You’ve already encountered three landmarks—the three most visited by tourists traveling to Paris. Not far from Notre-Dame Cathedral, you have the Sainte-Chapelle, where you’ll find marvelous stained glass windows. Please see them—you won’t regret it.

Just a few steps from the famous Champs-Élysées, you’ll find the immense stone and glass building of the Grand Palais, originally built for the 1900s World Fair, which hosts the most prestigious exhibitions. Afterward, take a stroll to the Arc de Triomphe, commissioned by Napoleon alongside the most beautiful avenue in the worldthe Champs-Élysées. It was built in honor of the Grand Army and houses the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. A flame is lit there every night. You can ascend to its terrace and enjoy one of the best views of Paris.

Now we’re in the center of Paristhe Louvre Museum. It holds over 35,000 works spanning eight centuries, so if you plan to visit, remember to dedicate a day to it. If you’re interested in Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painting, a recommended visit is to the Musée d’Orsaythe world’s most important Impressionist museum. The beauty of the place matches its renowned name.

Another must-see is the Paris Opera. The Palais Garnier is striking with its fabulously decorated façade and the ceiling painted by Marc Chagall. During the day, it’s open to visitors until an hour before the start of the daily show. To conclude your cultural tour of Paris, take a trip to Père-Lachaise Cemetery. It offers the opportunity to see the graves of numerous renowned men and women, including Honoré de Balzac, Colette, Jean de La Fontaine, Molière, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and others.

What to Do in Paris

Now, we’ll give you a few highlights of unique experiences to enjoy Paris like you’ve never thought or dreamed before:

Ride the elevator to the top of the over 200-meter-high Montparnasse Tower. We assure you, you’ll have the best views of Paris.

Cross the Pont Neuf (New Bridge), the oldest and most beautiful bridge in Paris, adorned with over 300 carved masks.

Are you a fan of The Da Vinci Code? Visit the Saint Sulpice Church.

Catacombs weren’t only in Rome; visit Paris’s catacombs—among the most fascinating in Europe, filled with thousands of bones and skulls.

Visit the Galeries Lafayette—you don’t need to shop; it’s France’s most beautiful commercial space. Head up to the terrace.


Visit the Pompidou Center—you’ve seen it in countless photos and movies. Right next to it is a beautiful fountain, Stravinsky.

Stroll and enjoy the bohemian Montmartre neighborhood; illustrious painters like Picasso and Van Gogh lived there. The Place du Tertre is marvelous.

If you have time, book a visit to the Palace of Versailles; you’ll love it.

To capture the best photo of Paris, rise early and go to Trocadéro Square—you’ll be speechless.

Experience the lively nightlife in the Pigalle district; you’ll find plenty of entertainment.

Lastly, on the first Sunday of each month, entry to many museums is free.

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