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Reserve a hotel near the iconic Burj Khalifa, experience the luxury of the Burj Al Arab, the exclusive 7-star hotel, or opt for accommodation near the vibrant Dubai Mall. Alternatively, indulge in a stay at Palm Jumeirah’s upscale hotels, relishing the amenities of its splendid beach clubs. Explore the historical charm of Bur Dubai, where bustling souks, authentic restaurants, and maritime heritage offer a glimpse into the city’s origins. Numerous accommodation options await in diverse neighborhoods.

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In the dedicated Dubai travel section on, you’ll uncover the best deals on budget-friendly flights, flight+hotel packages, accommodations, and enticing getaways to the vibrant city. The showcased examples provide a glimpse of the excellent offers and deals we’ve featured.

To plan your trip to Dubai, we suggest utilizing our comprehensive Flight+Hotel search engine. Booking both options simultaneously through our technology will streamline the process for you.If, on the other hand, you’re looking to combine your trip to Dubai with other locations, your best option is Multidestination, the most advanced online tool for all types of reservations. With Multidestination, you can book your flights, hotels, transfers, activities, excursions, and insurance for the United Arab Emirates, seamlessly combining them with other cities or destinations. For instance, you can plan a 4-night stay in Dubai followed by 5 nights in Phuket—all in a single reservation! Curious about how it works? It’s straightforward: give it a try and kickstart your savings on your vacation. As for getting to Dubai, you can choose between two airports, but Dubai International Airport (DXB) is likely your preferred option, serving as the primary gateway to the emirate.

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Emirates serves as the flagship airline, but there are alternative airline options, some with layovers in Abu Dhabi and Qatar. The choice among these options depends on factors such as ticket prices and how early you book your Flight+Hotel package to Dubai.

Upon arrival at the International Airport, we recommend booking a transfer through our website. We offer private transfer options starting from as low as €20. A designated driver will be ready to greet you upon arrival, ensuring a smooth journey to your accommodation. When it’s time to depart, you can coordinate your pick-up time for a convenient return to the airport.

Upon reaching the city, the metro offers two lines, the red and the green. Notably, it stands as the world’s largest driverless train system, boasting comfortable seating and budget-friendly fares. For a cost-effective choice, buses operate 24 hours a day with a frequency of every 30 minutes. Taxis are also a convenient option for navigating Dubai, along with rideshare services like Uber.

In Dubai, the official currency is the Dirham, abbreviated as AED, and it is subdivided into 100 fils. The exchange rate with the US dollar is 1$ / 3.67 AED. For reference, a bottle of water is priced at 1.5 AED, a Big Mac at 16.75 AED (equivalent to 4.5 USD), and a brief taxi ride typically costs around 12 AED (approximately 3.3 USD).

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Situated on the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai experiences a warm climate year-round.

The “winter” months, spanning from October to May, bring about very agreeable temperatures, ranging from 20Âş to 35Âş.

The summer season in Dubai extends from June to September, with temperatures often reaching higher levels, typically around 40ÂşC.

Dubai is equipped with an extensive array of both indoor and outdoor facilities and attractions, all meticulously conditioned to ensure that the city remains a safe and enjoyable destination throughout the year.

Dubai stands out as a cosmopolitan city, showcasing a vast cultural amalgamation where nearly all forms of attire are accepted. For instance, swimwear is permissible on beaches, water parks, public pools, and spa areas, but it is considered inappropriate in commercial areas. The city appreciates conservative dressing, especially in its neighborhoods and historic sites. When visiting mosques, it is essential to wear clothing that covers the shoulders, arms, and legs, with women also required to don a headscarf.

Tipping in Dubai does not have a strict rule; it largely depends on individual preferences. While it is generally recommended to leave a tip in most situations, it is not obligatory.

In Dubai, alcohol is served in licensed establishments, including most hotels, bars, and specialized shops, but only to those over 21 years old. However, engaging in drunk driving or disorderly conduct is not acceptable. The use of drugs is strictly prohibited. Demonstrations of affection are to be kept to a minimum; while holding hands is acceptable, kissing or hugging in public places is not allowed.

What to do in Dubai?

Three generation family making a safari in the desert of Dubai. Grandfather, son and grandson spending time together in the nature and training their falcon bird.

At The Top, Burj Khalifa, is one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers at 555 metres tall, offering a truly impressive experience. 

Explore the awe-inspiring Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, situated in the Dubai Mall. Prepare to be captivated as you take the plunge and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing underwater world it has to offer.

When visiting City Centre Mirdiff, be sure not to miss iFly Dubai, where you can experience the exhilarating thrill of indoor freefall.

If you’re traveling with family and kids, Legoland Dubai is a must-visit destination—a haven for creativity and imaginative minds.

Water parks are a great source of enjoyment in Dubai, and one excellent choice is Laguna Waterpark. Additionally, Legoland offers another fantastic water park experience. Wild Wadi Waterpark is also considered one of the best water parks in Dubai.

The Green Planet offers an opportunity to enjoy the fascinating animals within the exclusive tropical jungle setting in Dubai.

Theme parks in Dubai are truly exceptional, and Motiongate Dubai will immerse you in the enchanting world of movie studios within an extraordinary park. Another captivating option is IMG Worlds of Adventure, featuring 17 indoor attractions.

Experience skiing in the desert and playing in the snow at Ski Dubai—prepare to be impressed; no comments can truly capture the experience.

Indulge in dining and drinking at incredible heights with Flying Cup Dubai—an unparalleled experience in the world.

Witness the spectacular Dubai Fountain, located at the base of the Dubai Mall—stretching across 12 hectares with water jets. Experience the mesmerizing display every half hour, daily, starting at 6 in the evening.

Explore the historic district of Al Fahidi to discover and immerse yourself in life as it was in the 19th century in Dubai.

Take the plunge and experience the exhilaration of freefall at Skydive Dubai— a thrilling adventure in the skies of Dubai!

Cross the creek by abra and witness the city from a different perspective. This lively waterway has been the heart of the city for generations. Hop on a traditional boat for just 1 AED.

Beyond Dubai

Embark on adventures in Hatta, exploring its rugged mountains and untamed natural surroundings. The steep mountains and fresh mountain air make Hatta an ideal natural sanctuary for the most adventurous and those who relish remote places in nature. In less than an hour from downtown Dubai, experiences like mountain biking or kayaking excursions await you.

Explore Al Marmoom and immerse yourself in the Desert Adventure! This natural reserve in the desert encompasses 10% of the emirate of Dubai, making it the largest reserve in the United Arab Emirates. Find yourself surrounded by a vast expanse of sand, offering opportunities for activities like cycling or enjoying a picnic amidst the dunes. Enhance your experience by visiting one of its camps to witness the traditional lifestyle of the Bedouins who once inhabited the area. Indulge in a traditional banquet and partake in activities typical of desert life, such as camel rides.

Traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, located 140 km south, you’ll encounter an incredible city that is a must-visit – Abu Dhabi. Notable among its architectural wonders is the impressive Sheikh Zayed Mosque. In 2017, the Louvre Abu Dhabi was unveiled, an architectural masterpiece designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel. The steel dome gives the illusion of floating, allowing sunlight to filter through, creating a celestial display of stars. While the building itself is a marvel, the museum has borrowed works from renowned Parisian institutions like the Orsay and the Louvre, enriching your visit.

The Emirates Palace Hotel, costing over 3 billion dollars, stands as one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. You can explore its opulence and dine in its magnificent buffet. Additionally, make sure not to miss the thrills at Ferrari World, Warner Bros World, and Yas Waterworld – three parks designed to delight the adventurous. Experience the exhilaration of real speed at Yas Marina, the Formula 1 circuit, where a nighttime visit adds to the trendy allure of the area.

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