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Legal Notice, Conditions of Use and Standard Information Form for combined travel contracts.

Identification of the parties.

On the one hand, Centraldevacaciones SL with CICLM-16558-02 and CIF B72872666. Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Cuenca in Volume 607, Book: 0, Folio 98: Page: CU-9024, Inscription: 1. and with address at Cl. Colón 65, LB, 16002 Cuenca – Spain (hereinafter, Centraldevacaciones .com).

And, on the other hand, the user, who accesses the page to find out and contract the services offered through the website (or its associated domains or subdomains) and who declares that he is of legal age (that is, , is at least 18 years old) and has the necessary legal capacity to be bound by this agreement and to use this website in accordance with this Legal Notice and with the General Conditions of each type of service offered on the Web, the which you declare that you fully understand and comprehend.

Use of the web or Access to the Website. offers users the use of this website, conditioned to their acceptance without modification of this Legal Notice. By using this website, by the user, it is understood that the user agrees with all the terms and conditions set forth therein.

If the user does not agree with them, they will not have the right to use the websites of, as the legal owner of this website, offers different content, services and products to the user, in the name and on behalf of wholesale travel agencies and different tourist service providers. In no case may the exploitation of this website be interpreted as an instrument for the direct sale and in its own name of said services, such as, but not exclusively, plane tickets, package tours, tourist or similar services, in addition to rental services. cars, train tickets, bus, hotel reservations and the sum of two or more of the above.

The purchase of products/services through the website means the acceptance by the user of these general conditions, the particular conditions of application to the specific type of product/service that is going to be contracted and the conditions of the supplier of the product/service.

In particular, in the case of low-cost airlines, the use by the client of the website to locate flights for the purpose of contracting implies the direct submission of the client to the general conditions of said airlines and the general conditions of the websites. of each one of them, including those corresponding to the protection of personal data.

The user agrees to accept and respect the terms and conditions of purchase established by the provider with which the reservation is made. Such conditions may include payment of any accrued amounts and compliance with any rules and restrictions on the availability of rates, products or services.

The user must know that the contracting of package tours is governed by the provisions of book iv of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the general law for the defense of consumers and users and other complementary laws and the specific conditions agreed with the user based on the organizer/wholesaler that organizes the combined trip, being the retail travel agency.

The suppliers of products or services and the organizers/wholesalers who organize the combined trip, each one within the scope of their respective obligations, will be responsible to the user for compliance with the obligations derived from the regulations in force and the conditions of sale of each of the products and services or combined trips that are contracted, without assuming any obligation or responsibility with respect to those products or services that it does not provide directly.

The traveler is responsible for complying with government requirements for exit, entry and other documentation. Such information can be found on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( may incorporate additional specific conditions that will be stated on the website.

The user is responsible for treating confidentially and properly guarding the passwords that are provided by to access the website, avoiding access to them by unauthorized third parties. The user agrees to be responsible for the economic consequences derived from any use of this website that occurs through the use of their passwords, as well as for the fraudulent use of them by third parties.

The user also declares that all the information provided by him to access this website and in the course of using it, is true, complete and accurate and undertakes to keep it updated.

Means of payment and Purchase Process.

At you can pay by debit card, by any of the following credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, UnionPay and MAESTRO, or by transfer or bank deposit subject to compliance with certain requirements. You can also make your payment through BIZUM.

The prices are indicated in different currencies, although the charge for the case of contracting any of the services will be made in euros (EUR), United States Dollars (USD), or Pounds (GBP) according to the payment currency selected by the customer. Username. However, in some cases of use of secure payment gateways, the user is offered the possibility of choosing if they also want their charge in any other currency.

The fact of requesting a reservation implies a commitment on the part of the client to authorize the charge for the entire amount of the product, service or combined trip contracted.

On the website the reservation can be made in Spanish. Most of the fields are free, so that the website does not have the means to identify and correct errors in the data entry, for this reason any error made when entering said data will be the responsibility of the user.

On the website the reservation can be made in Spanish. Most of the fields are free, so that the website does not have the means to identify and correct errors in the data entry, for this reason any error made when entering said data will be the responsibility of the user.

The document in which the contract is formalized through which the client acquires any tourist product or service through the website will be sent to the user by email. In said email you will be given the information related to the products and/or services contracted, your locator number, all the indications related to the method of payment, cancellation conditions, other useful information and, where appropriate, the sending of the Documentation of your trip. Likewise, the document will be archived by and the user can access it at any time through the “My Reservations” section of the website, which appears in the upper right part of it, entering their email address and password.

The purchase of any product will only be effective at the moment in which makes the charge in a valid way depending on the chosen means of payment, and until that moment it can be canceled by

The Client expressly authorizes to process as many charges as necessary against the card with which the Client made the first payment until completing the total price of the reservation.

The user accepts that they will contact through our Customer Service Department if they have any claim before carrying out any procedure with their bank and before taking any legal action. The purpose of this clause is not to hinder your right to take legal action before courts, tribunals or any other alternative form of conflict resolution. On the contrary, we want to offer you a faster and more cost-effective way, which will save both you and us time and money. In return, we promise to give you a response within less than 30 business days.

The prices indicated online include airport taxes. However, they do not include local taxes -which are paid in hotels-, nor taxes for leaving the country -which are paid at airports.

Personal information.

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights (hereinafter, LOPD) the user accepts that the personal data provided by him or that is provided in the future to, will be processed in a personal data file called CLIENTS, and whose ownership is held by The user expressly consents that the data thus registered may be used for the production of statistics, the sending of advertising and other commercial promotions, the realization of contests with a prize, the subscription to newsletters, the administration of the subscribed service and the management of incidents. informs the user that the data supplied and stored in our databases are protected by security systems that prevent unauthorized third party access to them. If the contracting party wishes to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, they can write to Cl. Colón 65, LB de Cuenca, Spain, or by mail to the address;

The user accepts that their data may be communicated to any of the companies of the Grupo, with the sole purpose of being able to provide their services, as well as for their processing, or the sending of information and advertising about offers, promotions or other information related to the activity and services offered through this website.

If the user wishes to exercise their right to oppose the processing of their data for promotional purposes, they can contact by email , requesting the cancellation of this service.

In relation to the provisions of Title VI LOPD, the user gives their consent for to transfer their personal data to recipients, under the terms and conditions indicated above, in countries other than Spain, including those that do not provide a level of protection comparable to that provided by the LOPD.

In any case, in the event that the user decides to contract any of the Services offered or advertised on this website, will transfer the personal data provided to the different providers that must provide them, with the sole purpose of to be able to comply with the purpose of the contract that, where appropriate, is formalized via this website.

Exclusion of liability.

When it comes to individual services, acts as a simple intermediary agent, so it does not assume the risk and venture of such operations. undertakes to act with the utmost diligence so that the data that appears on this website is true and up-to-date at all times. The information displayed on this website has been provided by the providers and does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies.

Within the website, links can be made to other websites over which has no control and whose content is not responsible. will not be responsible for damages and losses derived from the infractions of any user that affect the rights of another user or third parties including copyright, trademarks, patents, confidential information and any other intellectual and industrial property rights. Nor will it be responsible for the inappropriate use of the service as a result of a faulty configuration of the user’s computer equipment or insufficient capacity to support the computer systems necessary for the use of the services offered. makes every effort, within its means, to offer the information contained on the web truthfully and without typographical errors. In the event that at any time an error of this type occurs, at all times beyond the control of, it will be corrected immediately. If there is a typographical error in any of the prices shown and if a client has made a purchase decision based on said error, will assume the same, giving full effectiveness to the purchase, as long as it is not such a disproportionate difference. regarding the average price of the online market for that product, which is obvious and noticeable to any person of average diligence that it is an error.

Industrial and intellectual property rights.

The user acknowledges and accepts that all graphic and denominative content, designs or any other elements susceptible to industrial and/or commercial use of this site, both visual, technological and computer, individually or jointly considered, are affected by industrial property rights and intellectual property of or of the persons or companies that appear as its authors or owners, these being the ones who have the exclusive right to use, modify, copy or distribute them, being able to take the actions that protect them against those who do so. reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the Portal and/or the Services, at any time and without prior notice to those users who fail to comply with these General Conditions.

Use of cookies.

In compliance with the provisions of article 22.2 of the Law on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter, LSSI) and in accordance with European Directive 2009/136/CE, informs that this site website accepts the use of cookies.

For more information visit our Cookie Policy.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law.

This Legal Notice has been drafted and is governed in accordance with Spanish law.

The parties submit for the resolution of conflicts and waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the user’s domicile.

Validity, modification and interpretation of this Legal Notice.

In the event that any clause of this Legal Notice is declared null, voidable or inapplicable by a Court or competent Authority for that purpose, it will be considered, provided that this does not contradict what is established by the applicable legislation, that the validity, legality and applicability of the The rest of the clauses remain in force.

The provisions of this Legal Notice may only be modified in writing. In any case, reserves the right to make changes or modifications to both the website and this Legal Notice, provided that these modifications do not affect previously formalized contracts.

The original version of this Legal Notice is written in Spanish, and this has been the one that has been translated into different languages. In the event of a dispute over the content or interpretation of the terms and conditions, as well as in the event of conflicts, contradictions or discrepancies between the Spanish version and the rest of the versions in other languages, the Spanish version shall prevail whenever permitted. by the Law of the countries of residence of the users. The Spanish version is available to the user who simply must request it in writing at the following email:

Online dispute resolution.

The European Commission makes available to consumers residing in the European Union, a website where they can process claims regarding their online purchases.

Standard information form for combined travel contracts.

Examples of Linked Trips that can be contracted on our website; Transport+Hotel, Multi-destination, Routing, Multi-hotel or a second reservation for a second travel service in response to an invitation addressed to you, for example, by email or through a web link, and you enter into a contract for the second service of trip with another service provider within 24 hours after receiving the reservation confirmation of the first travel service.), would be the contracting of within the meaning of the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other laws complementary, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16.

Therefore, you will enjoy all the rights that apply within the EU to package tours. Both and the organizer will be fully responsible for the correct execution of the combined trip as a whole.

In addition, as required by law, both and the organizer are covered by a guarantee to reimburse you for the payments made and, if transportation is included in the trip, to ensure your repatriation in the event of insolvency.

More information about your main rights in accordance with the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16 /buscar/act.php?id=BOE-A-2007-20555 and in Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of November 25, 2015, on package tours and travel services linked .

The EU has also provided specific information to differentiate Package Tours and Linked Travel Services that can be checked at the following link:

Following the hyperlinks, the traveler will receive the following information: Main rights under the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16:

Travelers will receive all essential information about the package before concluding the contract.

There will always be at least one entrepreneur responsible for the correct execution of all the travel services included in the contract.

Travelers will be provided with an emergency phone number or contact point details where they can contact the organizer or retailer.

Travelers may assign the combined trip to another person, with reasonable notice and, where appropriate, subject to the payment of additional expenses.

The price of the combined trip can only be increased if specific expenses occur (for example, in fuel prices) and it is expressly stipulated in the contract, and in no case in the last twenty days prior to the start of the combined trip. If the price increase exceeds eight percent of the price of the combined trip, the traveler may terminate the contract. If the organizer reserves the right to increase the price, the traveler will be entitled to a price reduction if the corresponding expenses decrease.

Travelers will be able to terminate the contract without paying any penalty and obtain a full refund of all payments made if any of the essential elements of the package other than the price are significantly modified. If the businessperson responsible for the combined trip cancels it before it starts, travelers will be entitled to a refund of the payments made and, where appropriate, compensation.

In exceptional circumstances, for example in the event that there are serious security problems at the destination that may affect the package trip, travelers may terminate the contract before the start of the package trip without paying any penalty.

In addition, travelers may terminate the contract at any time before the start of the package by paying a termination penalty, which is adequate and justifiable.

If, after the start of the combined trip, significant elements of it cannot be provided, the traveler must be offered suitable alternative formulas, at no additional cost. Travelers may terminate the contract without paying any penalty in the event of non-execution of the services when this substantially affects the execution of the combined trip and the organizer or, where appropriate, the retailer fail to solve the problem.

Travelers will also be entitled to a price reduction and/or compensation for damages in case of non-execution or incorrect execution of travel services.

The organizer and the retailer must provide assistance to the traveler in case he is in difficulty.

If the organizer or incur insolvency, the payments will be reimbursed. In the event that the organizer or, where appropriate, incur insolvency after the start of the combined trip and this includes transportation, the repatriation of travelers will be guaranteed. has subscribed a guarantee of protection against insolvency, this being the insurance company Catalana Occidente SA, with NIF A-28119220 and registered office at Avda. Alcalde Barnils, 63 in Barcelona with policy number N-53972.304-D. If services are denied due to the insolvency of, travelers may contact said entity or, where appropriate, the competent authority (the Municipal Consumer Information Office of their place of residence).

Consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16 BOE-A-2007-20555.

Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of November 25, 2015, regarding package tours and linked travel services TXT/?uri=CELEX%3A32015L2302.

Version updated December 1, 2022.