Top 9 best islands in the Caribbean to spend you holiday 

The beaches of the Caribbean are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the world, which is why every year they have thousands and thousands of visitors looking to leave the stress behind by spending a week or two there; but from all of them we can still choose the best and in this case, what could be better than finding a beach everywhere you turn? That’s what we get when we stay on Caribbean islands. We’re going to give you a selective list of the best Caribbean islands to travel to on holiday and explain the reasons why you should choose them, because there’s one for every different traveller; pay attention and start packing your bags and thinking about booking. Here we go to find out which are the best islands in the Caribbean for holidays. Here we go!

9. Anguilla

Despite being one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean, this beautiful place has a choice of over 30 different beaches to stay on, which are famous around the world for their beautiful white sands. Thanks to its modest size, you can manage to visit all the attractions in a couple of days and know that you’ve seen the whole island in a couple of days when you return home.

8. Aruba, the Happy Island

This Caribbean island is one of the most interesting islands to go on holiday, certainly for unconventional tastes starting with its landscape that is far from the idea of a conventional forested island and offers us more the image of a desert with palm trees, of course with beautiful turquoise beaches; in it, you can do a lot of different activities for all ages.

On the one hand there are a lot of resorts aimed specifically at families with children, where there is fun for the little ones at home, while on the other hand for those who love the nightlife there are a lot of bars, discos and casinos.

7. Saint Lucia

This beautiful place is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the whole Caribbean, for some reason it has become quite a tradition for newly married couples and with good reason, because its waters are beautiful and peaceful; one of its most interesting points in favour is that it has several resorts that have the all inclusive system, which means that you can be sure that there will be no surprises when leaving the hotel for hidden costs of any kind of service.

It’s also very unusual in that it manages to have both mountain and beach scenery in one place, with crystal clear waters and beautiful weather at any time of the year; the island is also very famous for its annual jazz festival, which is the perfect time for those with a delicate ear to book a stay.

6. Barbados

There are hundreds of islands in the Caribbean, but Barbados is one of the most multi-faceted of them all. It has a truly varied amount of activity and accommodation options and beyond the fact of talking about accommodation for whole families or just couples, the most important thing is probably that it has accommodation to suit any economic condition, from those who love luxury to backpacker tourists.

The island also has diverse landscapes and cultural activities to enrich you, such as the famous town of Bridgetown, which has beautiful architecture dating back to the 17th century, and the popular attraction of Harrison Cave, a beautiful rock formation.

5. St John

If you’re in the USA then you’ll know that for some time now this island has been a US Virgin Island and therefore you don’t even need a passport to visit it, which makes it a great option if you don’t have much time to do paperwork prior to your trip to one of the best islands in the Caribbean.

Aside from its perfect mix of turquoise beaches and beautiful white sand that sit right next to large forested areas, there’s also an impressive amount of marine wildlife that you can enjoy a front row seat to if you visit Trunk Bay for some snorkelling.

4. Bermuda

What better place to be right in the middle of our list than the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean as far as a formal side is concerned; this elegance is undoubtedly due to the strong British influence that we can find even in the tradition they have of drinking in the evenings.

This is the perfect destination for lovers of interesting sports such as golf and cricket, as this place has world-famous golf courses. If you are travelling from the United States, especially from New York, you will be delighted to know that flights from this destination take only two hours.

3. Antigua and Barbuda

Although almost everyone knows this top Caribbean island as a pair, because we always talk about both Antigua and Barbuda, this small island has a lot to offer on its own, being mainly known for its gambling, specifically for the large number of different casinos that are found here.

As you can imagine, if there are casinos there is also a lot of nightlife on this small island and you will find something for everyone, from cafes and good restaurants, to nightclubs and the casinos which are the main attraction and have many attractions; as far as beaches are concerned these are truly different, because they do not only have white sand, but also have pink sand beaches.

2. Puerto Rico

In keeping with the idea of saving the best of our list of the best islands for a Caribbean holiday for last, near the bottom of our list is this stunning island known worldwide for its great singer-songwriters and of course for all its beautiful landscapes; it’s another one of those destinations where a US citizen doesn’t need a passport to travel, because it’s an unincorporated state with Commonwealth status of the USA. 

There is a little bit of everything to do on this bustling island, all kinds of activities for every taste; those who love culture will feel better visiting the cities of Ponce and San Juan, with a very good amount of historical sites and of course, also with nightlife and good gastronomy to contrast and offer diversity. On the other hand, this island has different types of beaches to offer to every variety of tourist, from those beaches that are perfect for surfing, to those that have beautiful marine fauna and flora, that are perfect for divers and of course, also beaches with calm waters for those who love to take a nap by the sea listening only to the sound of the wind. Not to be left out, Puerto Rico is also home to numerous casinos of varying sizes where you can enjoy yourself.

1. Jamaica

The island from where the famous musical rhythm of Reggae was created could not have another place in the list of best islands in the Caribbean more than the first place, because wherever you go to the beach you will hear this kind of music perfectly setting the palm trees and waves; in Jamaica and an impressive amount of diversity in terms of flora and fauna, not only in the marine, but also many exotic birds and abundant wooded areas.

One of the biggest attractions of Jamaica is that it has many all-inclusive resorts, the fashion and preference of any tourist; on the other hand it also calls golfers from all over the world, as this place is home to the Montego Bay resort, world renowned for having the best golf courses in the Caribbean. With this selection of Caribbean islands you have enough to have the perfect holiday for 9 consecutive years, so it’s just a matter of choosing which will be the first on the list of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean that you want to visit and start packing.

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